Worldwide Launch Of The Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign

Suzanne Price Launches

The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign

Suzanne's Website Shots 300G Dec 2013 SMThe Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign was masterminded by author, coach and motivational speaker Suzanne Price.  Suzanne launched her campaign to serve as a wake-up call and a warning to everyone, by spreading the idea that we all need to arm ourselves with useful, preventative knowledge about stress.   She says that for years now we have been bombarded with redundant information about things such as the skyrocketing statistics that increase on a daily basis and set us up to expect the inevitable.  This sort of information has a tendency to lead people to believe that it is inevitable that we will all likely become victims of stress and then by focusing on and emphasising the negative impact this could have on our lives it simply gives us more to fear and worry about and leaves feeling as though we have no control over the situation which in my mind is the exact opposite to what we should be learning.   And since we know that stressful events and situations are largely unavoidable and that we will all encounter stressful times in our lives then what would be far more useful for the average person is to offer them relevant, user friendly information that is easy to understand, readily available, and that will allow anyone to apply this useful information to their daily lives.  In other words what we need is to raise awareness for the purpose of prevention, to encourage people to learn what is necessary to take back power and control over this part of their lives and to prevent their own everyday stress from spiralling out of control and becoming anything more than just that, STRESS!

In saying this, she explains that what we need is to arm ourselves with the knowledge so that we can be more aware of how to recognize the real symptoms and warning signs when they first start creeping into our lives, we need to pay attention and be consciously aware of what it is that is really causing our own individual stress in the first place, and we need to know how to manage stress, and I mean really manage it so that we can prevent everyday stress from spiraling out of control.  As part of the campaign Suzanne also introduces some of the most powerful stress management tools she knows of and personally used to overcome her own 10 year ordeal with debilitating stress and hopes that more of us will become more proactive in this area of our lives.

In her books and presentations Suzanne explains how stress can and often does manifest into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, depression and agoraphobia.   She also explains how this can happen to absolutely anyone and that it often seems to strike out of the blue, and that is why she is urging all of us to learn how to manage our stress as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Although it would seem that the campaign was inspired by Suzanne’s own experience of suffering with everyday stress that manifested into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia, this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, she explains it was the level of frustration she felt every time she heard or saw a news report that did little more than emphasise the ever rising statistics of stress, yet failed to teach people what they need to do in order to prevent it.  It was during one of these reports that Suzanne made the decision to launch a campaign which would help raise the necessary awareness in hopes that it would help prevent so many people from falling victim to these horrible conditions that are often caused by acute or prolonged stress.

Looking back Suzanne believes that had she known how to recognize the symptoms and warning signs or had any idea that stress could manifest in such a way that she would have at least known what questions to ask the doctors.  She is also convinced that had she been diagnosed properly by the doctors who she did see and had any of them explained to her why she was suffering with so many horrible symptoms, what to do about them or what to expect next, that her stress never in a million years would have gotten so out of control.

The message that she wants to get out through this campaign is that we need to take preventative actions.  We are living in stressful time and some would even say that it is unavoidable, and although that may be true, it is also probable that we can prevent our stress from spiralling out of control simply by recognizing the warning signs.  With that said Suzanne is on a mission to urge everyone to learn how to recognize the symptoms and warning signs, and encourages all of us to learn how to manage stress, and she emphasises that we need to really manage it in every sense of the word.