Driving Stress Causes Accidents

Stress May Well Be One Of The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents

When stressed, a person will typically find themselves feeling overwhelmed, distracted and even confused.  This is when we start to make mistakes and consequently accidents happen.  This stress could well be the cause of so many car accidents that may have been avoidable if it were not for the fact that the driver or drivers were stressed.

Here’s the thing, when stressed blood rushes from the front of the brain where we do our creative thinking and decision making to the back of the brain where if activates the survival mechanism, or what we may know as the fight or flight response.  When this happens we react to situations based on old patterns instead of making what may appear to be more rational decisions given the circumstance.  Also, stress causes disruptions or imbalances of energy in the meridian systems and this can affect the energy that would typically go to the brain, and this in turn can cause our brain hemispheres to have a more difficult time communicating with each other.  Wow! … Ever wonder why you can’t think straight when stressed?

Now let’s consider some stressful events.   Well as it happens driving could be one of the most stressful events that the average person will be faced with on a daily basis, and is a time when we need to be able to remain focussed, alert and have the ability to make split second decisions in sometimes very dangerous situations.  But given what we now know about stress and how it makes it so difficult to think straight when we are under stress, it may seem that the whole idea of remaining cool, calm and collected when behind the wheel of a car may seem to be more of an oxymoron.

In saying this not everyone will find driving to be stressful.  Some people actually love to drive and enjoy the sense of freedom whenever they get in the car, and other’s may take it all in stride until they find themselves confronted with some sort of hazard on the road.

So what can we do about the problem of driving and stress?

Well guess what?  There’s an app for that!




Here’s a list of specific driving hazards and stressors for millions of drivers.

Driving on highways

Blurred overtaking from inside vehicle, unrecognizable driver

Driving across a bridge

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge over East River at night wi

Driving at high speeds

Driving through police road blocks or construction zones

Driving on unfamiliar roads

Having a fear of getting lost and not being able to find their way back to safety

Driving in poor lighting

Driving in bad weather conditions

Snow covered winter road with shining streetlights at night

Driving in heavy traffic

Getting stuck in a traffic jam

Traffic jam in flooded highway cause rain.

Overtaking another vehicle, especially a massive truck

Semi truck driving down highway during blizzard snow storm

Having to drive past an accident scene


Fear of your car breaking down

Driving while having a police car approach from behind

Being subject to someone else’s poor driving habits or road rage

Having to parallel park

Losing control of your vehicle

Hitting a pedestrian or animal while driving

Approaching a stop sign or traffic lights

Driving through intersections, roundabouts or 4 way stops

Having a car accident

Teddy bear in front of a car

Doing something wrong such as cutting someone off

Feeling pressured to drive faster by the drivers behind you

Looking for a parking space

Driving up or down hills

Getting a traffic violation ticket

Police officer has pulled over a motorist and is using his flash

These are just a few of the more common causes of stress, fears and phobias which cause millions of drivers to feel overwhelmed and anxious with many dreading the idea of getting behind the wheel or avoiding it all together.

Breath, Relax, Smile

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