Suzanne’s Story

Suzanne's Website Shots 307aHello!  As someone who suffered with everyday stress that manifested into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia, and which affected my life for about 10 years I can tell you just how debilitating this can be.  These conditions can manifest so quickly that they often seem to come on out of the blue, yet sadly they can become all but impossible to overcome, leaving many to suffer the horrible symptoms for years, and sadly some may never recover from it at all.

Suzanne J. Price

Suzanne is an author, coach and motivational speaker as well as the founder of Suzanne Price Leadership & Coaching.  She has written a series of books on stress awareness, prevention and management, and has created many lifestyle and life skills training presentations, workshops and tools.  To date Suzanne has published 4 books including The Stress & Burnout Awareness & Prevention Guide, and Relieve Your Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Burnout & Agoraphobia The Same Way I Did. She also has another 4 books from her stress management series being released this summer.  Suzanne has also designed a fascinating workshop called Tapping Into Your Mind Body Magic in which she teaches some of the same amazing New Age and Mind/Body therapies she used to overcome her own debilitating stress and anxiety.  Besides her live events Suzanne also offers her books, programs, presentations and workshops through a variety of media including apps, webinars, tele-seminars, and online programs.

Besides stress management Suzanne is also the author of How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date, and, New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, Dreams and Aspirations, and It’s Your Life – So What Are You Going To Do With It?.  She has also developed a series of personal and professional development self help tools on the following subjects: coaching and leadership, dating and relationships, personal and professional development, enhanced lifestyle and life skills, finding your passion and purpose in life, and creating the life you dream of.

If you’d like to “be in the known” and be one of the first to hear about Suzanne’s upcoming product and book launches, videos, presentations, workshops, online programs, DVDs and apps before they hit the market, and perhaps even benefit from some pre-launch specials, please pop your name and email address into an opt-in box on this site.  To learn more about what inspired Suzanne to do this amazing work, please read on……

Suzanne’s Story

It’s been 10 years now since I suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia, a debilitating condition that I lived with for well over a decade.  And although I hope to never have to go through that again, I have to admit that it helped me discover my true passion and purpose in life.

Before I share my story of how my personal experience inspired me to launch this campaign, write a series of books, create and facilitate workshops, and develop a series of products and services which can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world, first let me tell you, who or what I am not!

Who I Am Not!

I am not a doctor, counsellor or psychologist, nor do I profess to be one.

Who I Am!

I am however someone who suffered with everyday stress that manifested into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia that was so debilitating that it literally brought my life to a standstill.  At the time this happened not only was I completely unaware that stress could manifest in such a way, but I was soon to find out how difficult it was to find help to actually overcome it.

What this experience meant for me was that within 2 weeks of suffering that first full blown panic attack I had to quit my job as I just couldn’t function at work, I was turning down all sorts of social invitations and making excuses as I didn’t know what to tell people or how to explain what I was going through, I couldn’t drive, and I couldn’t even go outside of the front door to get the mail without having another panic attack.  And the worst part of all this was that no matter how desperate I was to overcome this, or whatever I did in attempt to get well, I just couldn’t seem to get rid of these awful symptoms and feelings, and I ended up suffering with this debilitating condition for about 10 years.

In my quest to get well I visited four different doctors who, without hesitation sent me packing with a prescription for either anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications, sometimes both.  I bought every self help and text book I could find on the subject, and I had spent my hard earned cash on counsellors and psychologists who left me none the wiser.  At this point I still had no idea why this had happened to me, why I was suffering with these incredibly uncomfortable symptoms, what I could expect next, or what I needed to do in order to get rid of it.

It was so debilitating and with little help or hope of getting well I had reached a point where I realized that I’d probably never work outside the home again, I was desperate to get my life back.  I was still suffering with intense anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis and my life was completely controlled by the agoraphobia which kept me from leaving the house alone.  And even if I went out escorted by someone who knew what I was suffering with I still ended up having another panic attack or literally becoming paralyzed by fear.  I had gone from a person who was capable of doing almost anything and who had such big hopes and dreams, to becoming someone who could barely survive and who would have given anything, just to be able to go for a walk around the block without having another panic attack.  I had tried everything that seemed available and I felt defeated and doomed, the thought of living like this forever was very depressing.

I was also very frustrated by the lack of “real” help and was baffled by the fact that pretty much everything I had been told by the counsellors and psychologists I’d seen and read in books seemed to have focussed on the “thoughts”. But, the thing that I really couldn’t figure out was the fact that most of the symptoms we experience when suffering with these conditions – being stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia, are actually physical symptoms.  I remember thinking no wonder this “talk therapy/change your mind” model isn’t working, as what I was experiencing was actually a mind/body experience, it wasn’t all in my head (all about the thoughts) after all.  Realizing this, and still determined to get well I decided to look into mind/body therapies.

After this realization and while trying some of these therapies I actually experienced the first sign of relief, and for the first time since this had started I had a glimmer of hope that I could get well.  I was so inspired that I decided to not only use these therapies to try to get well but train in them to make sure that I was using them in the best possible way.  By now I had also come to realize that there are actually many aspects of stress so I experimented by applying different exercises from the therapies and applying them to the different aspects of the stress until I finally made a full recovery and started to take control of my life again.

Over the past fifteen years I have trained in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming,  TFT – Thought Field Therapy, TFH – Touch For Health, EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique, One Brain Learning Awareness and various other therapies.  I have also written and created a whole series of books, developed some very interesting workshops and presentation and continue to develop tools to help people not only overcome their stress, but live their life to the fullest.

With that said, and as passionate as I am about creating and developing these tools I still believe that we should be focussing on prevention.  And that is why I have now also launched The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign.

I urge you to familiarize yourself with the content of this site and invite you to gain access to additional resources and to learn about some of the latest and greatest stress management tools such as The Stress Less  Boot Camp, and The Stress Less Driving App by signing into the registration boxes on these pages.

Please forward this information to your family and friends, get them on board and encourage them to arm themselves with this knowledge too.

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