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Students Learn About Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention At The Stress Less Boot Camp

With September fast approaching millions of students all around the world are preparing to go back to school.  For the youngest this may mean they will be spending time away from parents or guardians for the first time in their lives.  And for others who are embarking on the career path they have dreamt of for as long as they can remember their journey may start by packing up, moving away from family and friends and setting up home in a whole different part of the world.

bigstock-Little-schoolgirl-with-books--21848135Students face a great deal of challenge and change which in itself can be a major cause of stress.  However if you then start piling on some of the other variables such as trying to fit in and make new friends, coping with unrealistic workloads at school, and realizing how much of a worry it can be to carry the burden of a student loan and possibly finding themselves in debt for the first time in their lives, then it should come as no surprise that more and more students are reporting that they are stressed.

bigstock-Golden-Grad-Chained-To-Educati-1617959       Student Loan     As I recently reviewed some of the latest statistics on student’s stress I have to admit it was alarming.  I also found myself yet again wondering why it is, that since we do know how stress can have an enormous negative impact on a person’s life, and that there is a high probability that most students will suffer with debilitating stress, that there is not more being said and done about raising awareness about stress for the purpose of prevention.

Stress and burnout awareness and prevention is something I personally feel very passionate about.  First, because I know from personal experience how incapacitating stress can be.  I am also very aware of how stress can, and does manifest into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia, and I know how life altering this can be.  Also, to say that stress can be extremely difficult to overcome would be an understatement.  But more importantly I truly believe that debilitating stress and anxiety could potentially be prevented, but in order for this to happen people need to make themselves aware of how to recognize the symptoms and warning signs.  And they should learn how to manage everyday stress as part of a healthy lifestyle, and when I say manage it, I mean really manage it in every sense of the word.

Young Student overwhelmed with studying     young pretty woman sitting exhausted at work

I was a typical person who did not recognize the symptoms and warning signs of stress and unfortunately ended up suffering a massive panic attack.  This was a terrifying experience, but what soon became even more shocking was to realize that within days of this attack my stress had completely spiralled out of control.  In fact within two weeks of having that first full blown panic attack my life had completely changed, this meant that I had to quit my job because I just couldn’t function at work, I was turning down all sorts of social invitations and having to make excuses because I didn’t know what to tell people or how to explain what I was going through.  I couldn’t drive, and I couldn’t even go out to the mailbox at the front door without becoming paralyzed by fear or suffering another massive panic attack.  It was the most bizarre experience in my life, and to make matters even worse, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get rid of the unbearable symptoms.  The result being that I ended up suffering with this debilitating condition for about 10 years.

I truly believe to this day that had I known how to recognize the symptoms and the warning signs, and had I learnt the right tools to manage stress or how to deal with anxiety, that my everyday stress probably would never have manifested into this debilitating disorder in the first place.

However, it is because of this experience, and because I now realize how many people are affected by stress that I am on a personal mission to raise awareness for the purpose of prevention.  And that is why I launched The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign, and have written and published several books on the subject.

Unhappy Depressed WomanRecognizing the symptoms of stress is one thing, but knowing how to manage stress or how to deal with anxiety is another thing.  When stressed we need three things.  First we need to find a way to deal with the debilitating symptoms.  This was the hardest part until I finally realized that stress is in fact a mind body experience so consequently I turned to mind body therapies and they actually offered me some relief.  Then we need to figure out exactly what is causing the stress in the first place so that we can come up with a solution.  Very often by the time we realize that we are stressed or suffering with anxiety we can be so consumed by the uncomfortable symptoms that we can’t even think straight enough to recognize what is really causing our stress in the first place.  And third we need to take a look at some of our beliefs around our identity level and in relation to how we deal with the situations that cause us stress.  This is where I find NLP to be an amazing tool for helping a person move through issues quickly, I actually implement exercises from NLP in all of my programs and workshops.

Some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety may include restlessness, irritability, feeling tense and nervous, having difficulty sleeping or concentrating and perhaps obsessing about the things you are worried about.  Physical symptoms may also include trembling and shaking, heart palpitations, and hearing and vision may be affected.  Like I said earlier stress is a mind body experience and the symptoms may best be relieved with mind body therapies.  Some of the therapies I used to cure myself from this debilitating disorder include TFT/EFT (Tapping), Touch for Health, One Brain Learning Awareness, NLP and many more New Age, Alternative, Holistic and Mind Body Therapies.  All of which I then trained in and have now combined to develop and teach some of the most powerful stress management workshops around.  My workshop which teaches people the same tools I used to relieve the symptoms of stress is called The Stress Less Boot Camp. The good news is that with the right tools and awareness stress can be prevented and it can also be overcome.  The key to prevention is awareness, arming yourself with the right mind body tools, and learning how and when to use them before stress strikes.

thestresslessbootcampSuzanne Price is an author, coach and motivational speaker who has written five books on stress, launched The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign and developed and facilitates some of the most powerful stress management workshops around.  She developed and teaches The Stress Less Boot Camp – a 3 hour workshop that will change the way you think and feel about stress.  This workshop is being offered by Suzanne in and around Vancouver and the lower mainland, as well as in Kamloops and the interior of BC.  You can also bring Suzanne in to teach your Corporate stress management programs.  This program will be offered internationally in the near future.

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