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Stress Can & Does Manifest Into Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Burnout & Agoraphobia – Learning How To Recognize The Symptoms And Warning Signs Could Literally Be A Lifesaver

The World Wide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign was launched by author, coach and motivational speaker Suzanne J. Price.  Suzanne was inspired to launch this campaign after becoming increasingly frustrated by the many news reports which do little more than talk about the ever rising statistics of stress yet fail to educate people on how to prevent it from spiralling out of control and becoming anything more than just that, STRESS!









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The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign was masterminded by author, coach and motivational speaker Suzanne Price.  Suzanne launched the campaign to serve as a wake-up call and a warning to everyone, by spreading the idea that we all need to arm ourselves with useful, preventative knowledge about stress.   In saying this, she explains that what we need to familiarize ourselves with relevant facts that will make us more aware of how to recognize the real symptoms and warning signs when they first appear in our lives, we need to pay attention and be conscious of the real causes of stress in our own lives, and we need to learn how to manage stress, and I mean really manage it in every sense of the word.  By doing so we will all be better prepared to prevent our own everyday stress from spiraling out of control and becoming anything more than just that, STRESS!

Suzanne feels that we have been bombarded with redundant information for many years.  She explains that if the emphasis is put on how the statistics of stress are skyrocketing and increasing on a daily basis, and pointing out how so many different sectors are now falling victim to the problem, then the tendency is that people will start to believe that being “stressed to the max” is a normal way of life, or, if you are not stressed yet then it is inevitable that you probably will be before too long.  Then if we pile on top of that the doom and gloom of how stress can and often does negatively impact a person’s health, not to mention their life in general, and given the fact that the majority of people in the western world are already stressed then this sort of information will only compound the problem by making it sound as though this is something that is completely out of our control.   This information is all useful if it served up with a relevant solution of how to prevent or deal with it, but when it is single mindedly shoved in our faces with no tools to combat the problem then all it does is leave a person feeling as though they have no control over the situation and now an added thing to worry about.  This in my mind is the exact opposite to what we need to be hearing.

In reality we know that stressful events and situations are largely unavoidable, and that we will all encounter stressful times in our lives.  And since we are aware of this then does it not make more sense, and would it not be far more useful for the average person to learn about relevant, user friendly stress management tips and tools that will help raise their awareness for the purpose of prevention.  In other words would it not be far more valuable to encourage people to become proactive and take preventative measures with things like life skills, lifestyle and simple mind/body tools that help manage stress and could prevent everyday stress from spiralling out of control.  I’m not trying to blow the theory that knowledge is power, but what I am saying is that we need to make sure that we are getting the “right” knowledge, as it is only that which will empower.

In her books and presentations Suzanne explains how stress can and often does manifest into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, depression and agoraphobia.   She also explains how this can happen to absolutely anyone and that it often seems to strike out of the blue, and that is why she is urging all of us to learn how to manage our own stress as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the campaign Suzanne also introduces some of the most powerful stress management tools she knows of and has used for many years.  Incidentally they are the same tools she used to overcome her own 10 year ordeal of suffering with debilitating stress which manifested into anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia.

Although it would seem that the campaign was inspired by Suzanne’s own experience of suffering with this debilitating condition, this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, she explains that the idea was born out of frustration and has been fueled by her belief that with the right awareness we would all have a much greater chance of success at preventing our own stress from manifesting into any of these life altering conditions.

Looking back Suzanne believes that her ordeal with anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia could have been, and should have been prevented.  From a personal point of view she now knows that had she known how to recognize the symptoms and warning signs her stress and anxiety probably wouldn’t have been compounded by the fear of not knowing why she was experiencing so many incredibly uncomfortable symptoms.  Also had she known that stress could manifest into more debilitating disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, burnout and agoraphobia she would have also known to seek further help sooner.

From a professional point of view she also believes that had she had the knowledge back then that she has today, she would have been able to recognize whether or not the “professional help” she was receiving (and in some cases paying for) were really competent and able to help her.   However since Suzanne was not diagnosed properly by the first doctor she saw and pretty much shoved out the door with a prescription for a bottle of pills by the following 3 doctors who she visited looking for a second opinion, and since she was not able to get any answers from her therapists about what she was suffering with, why she was experiencing so many awful symptoms, why this had happened to her, or how to get rid of it, her stress become compounded by the fear of simply not knowing what was going on.  This in itself became a very stress provoking issue as there appeared to be very little hope of for a recovery.

Suzanne is convinced that had she had a better understanding of the symptoms right from the start and had someone explained to her about what she was suffering with or why she was experiencing so many awful symptoms that her stress never, in a million years would have gotten so out of control nor would it have manifested into a debilitating condition which went on to affect every area of her life for about 10 years.

The message that Suzanne wants to get out through this campaign is that we all need to take more control over our lives, and especially where our health is concerned.  We need to become more aware of how to recognize the symptoms and warning signs and we must take preventative measures.  We are living in stressful times and we are going to experience stressful events, but by arming ourselves with the right knowledge, then it is far more likely that we can prevent our own stress from spiralling out of control.  With that said Suzanne is on a mission to raise awareness and urges everyone to learn how to recognize the symptoms and warning signs, and encourages all of us to learn how to manage stress, and she emphasises that we need to really manage it, in every sense of the word.

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It Is Time We All Take Control Of Our Own Lives By

Arming Ourselves With The Right Knowledge

The Right Knowledge Can Only Be Found If We Question… Everything!

The Right Knowledge = Power

This Power Allows Us To Feel A Sense Of Control Over Our Own Lives

In Turn We Become More Confident And Willing To Take Responsibility For Ourselves

Those Who Are Willing To Take Self-Responsibility Have Developed An Ability To Trust Themselves – In Other Words They Trust Their Own Thoughts, Feelings, Actions And Ability To Make Decisions

We Can Only Feel Confident That We Are Making The Right Decisions If We Know We Have Received The Right Knowledge

This Inner Trust Will Ultimately Free Us From The Fear Of The Unknown Which Is The Very Reason Why Most Of Us Have Relinquished Our Power In The First Place!

Suzanne is now on a mission to raise this awareness for the purpose of prevention.  Read more about The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign

The Worldwide Stress And Burnout Awareness And Prevention Campaign Is Fundraising On Indiegogo.

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The Stress Less Driving App

Stress May Well Be One Of The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents


When stressed a person will typically find themselves feeling overwhelmed, distracted and even confused.  This is when we start to make mistakes and consequently accidents happen.

Now consider the fact that the average person experiences high levels of stress every single day, and add to that the fact that literally millions of people find driving to be one of the most stressful tasks that they do on a daily basis.  Should there be any wonder as to whether or not thousands of car accidents are caused by stress every single day?

While some people find the task of driving to be a nerve-racking experience under any circumstance others may become stressed when faced with specific driving situations.  Some of the more common stressors we may encounter while on the road include things like: traffic jams and getting caught up in heavy traffic, looking for a parking spot or parallel parking, driving in poor lighting or bad weather conditions, driving on the highway or across a bridge, or having to drive past an accident, through a construction zone, or a police roadblock.

No matter what the cause or trigger to the stress it can cause overwhelm and a confusion  throw a person into a state of anxiety and this can cause some people to avoid driving altogether.  However, with the right tools we can literally change how we experience stress, and I’m not talking about talk therapy or trying to change your thoughts to convince yourself that your stress is simply irrational.  The reason this seldom works is because stress is a mind body experience, it is not all in your head as some schools of thought have been trying to convince of for many years.

To learn why it is so difficult to think straight when under stress read this.

The Stress Less Boot Camp

When stressed we need 3 things.  We need to figure out what is really causing the stress so that we can come up with some solutions to the problems, we need to take a look at how we see ourselves in relation to the stressful event and may need to do some work around our identity with regards to the stress, and we need to find a way to get rid of the awful symptoms.  When stressed or suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, burnout or agoraphobia there is nothing we want more than to get rid of those horrible debilitating symptoms and yet this can seem all but impossible to do.

I developed The Stress Less Boot Camp to help relieve these symptoms which may have been brought on by prolonged or situational stress.  After recognizing that stress is a mind body experience I turned to and experimented with mind body therapies and it was with these therapies that I managed to overcome my own debilitating anxiety and panic attacks which I suffered wit for 10 years.  All of my books and programs are based on a variety of the most powerful mind body therapies that I have now trained in and use on a daily basis.


Suzanne’s Books

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Coaching & Consulting

A successful coach will point you in the right direction with that being towards your future, and then  inspire, empower, motive and challenge you to keep moving towards what you really want.  He or she will kick the standard “tell me more about that” or “and “what does that mean to?” cookie cutter questions to the curb and instead focus on reading between the line, pick up on your language patterns and body language and help you become crystal clear about your goals, dreams aspirations and motivational strategies.  Many of these skills are highly tuned with the help of amazing tools such as NLP.

As a coach my goal is to inspire, empower, motive and challenge my clients to move towards positive change and I employ some of the most powerful motivational tools around such as NLP, TFT, One Brain Learning Awareness and Touch For Health.  These tools are not only fantastic for helping a person set crystal clear goals but they crucial for dealing with the often forgotten obstacles and hurdles that usually prevent people from achieving what they really want.

In my books and workshops I teach how to deal

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